Angel (last name unknown) is Cesar Morales' "beautiful chauffeur" and enforcer. She takes control of Morales' henchmen while he orders them to accomplish a mission (apparent in the mission "Smash the Stash" and "Get the Trucks").


Cesar Morales's beautiful chauffeur/enforcer, and a cool and capable lieutenant with a mysterious air. She is later revealed to be a undercover Mexican police agent going after Morales and his associates. She helps Ramiro when she overhears Ram talking to his brother Tommy after returning Morales' trucks (later used for transport of 100 tons of cocaine) and finds out that he is an undercover DEA agent. Sexual tension and apparent love interest between her and Ram develop after she rescues Ram from the Meat Factory i.e. Carne Cezar.

Later after Ram sends confidential data to Tommy after infiltrating in General Montanez's HQ in Las Piramides del Fuego (en. The Pyramids of Fire) in deep Mexican Jungle and returns to meet Angel, he is confronted by Agent Johnson (who is later revealed to be the killer of Ram and Tommy's father Ernesto Cruz and the informant agent in DEA for Papa Muerte)'s henchmen. It is revealed that Tommy and Colonel Trust have been overdosed by☀a lethal drug and he planted a bomb in the DEA basement. Then he left on a train with Angel tied to the front of the train carriage. Ram saves Tommy, Colonel Trust and saves the DEA from succumbing damages by taking the bomb out in a train. Then he steps in a train with Angel, Johnson and his henchmen. Colonel Trust sends two fighter planes to destroy a bridge so the train can collapse and kill Johnson but Ramiro asks Trust to give him time to save Angel. Trust accpets and Ram saves Angel from the train before collapsing from the bridge, killing Johnson. They kiss and "ride to the sunset". Later Johnson's Cowboy hat (which Tommy made fun of) is shown being blown away by wind.

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