Cesar Morales
Vital statistics
Title Morales
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Cesar Morales gang
Health High
Level Boss
Status Dead
Location Los Toros

Cesar Morales is one of Papa Muerte's drug trafficking henchman.


Cesar Morales is a mexican drug lord living in the city of Los Toros. He owns several businesses in the city, presumably using them as front for his drug traficking. He was involved in the killing of Ernesto.


Head of the notorious Morales Cartel, he runs most of the drug traffic in Los Toros, though he faces increasing competition from the Virgilio Cartel. He also owns a meat packing plant, a trucking company, and a shipping business. Not to mention the fact that he's the Los Toros Bullfighting Commissioner.


Use loco moves


To a Mejicano, honor is everything.

The problem with you is, you've got big balls but nothing in your brain!!

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