Ernesto Cruz
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Vital statistics
Title Cruz
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level playable for the first mission only
Status Dead
Location Last Know'n Location The Jungle

The Cruz boys' father



Ernesto is a deep-cover DEA agent who, after a successful raid in South America, unfortunately fell victim to a corrupt group of D.E.A. who pushed him out of a plane. Ernesto's death in Total Overdose is related to the "Overdose" portion of the game's title.

In Chilli Con Carnage, Ernesto was in his DEA office, when Ramerio came for his birthday, giving kittens in a box as a present, when Ramiro is looking for some book, however Mama Virgillo come from outside with a harvester and kills Ernesto and the kittens.



should have done the job blind folded would have been more of a challange that way


On the Chili Con Carnage site, Tommy is seen as Ernesto's profile picture. It is unknown if this was accidental or not.

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