Marco the Rat
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Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Faction
Health Health
Level Non Playble
Status Active
Location Marco's Junkyard

Marco the Rat is a lazy gambler who is known to hear about what happened to Tommy's Father

Background[edit | edit source]

He is called "The Rat" because he is the link between Morales and DEA.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Owner of Marco's Junkyard in Los Toros and Tommy Cruz's primary contact with the Morales Cartel. After Ram bails him out of trouble with the Virgilio he becomes a valuable asset.

Marco gives Tommy a vehicle to ram the Virgilio's oil truck so he can infiltrate in Morales' cartel. Unfortunately, Tommy heavily injures his right leg from an accidental grenade explosion (even though the grenade exploded in his left?)and thus sends his criminal twin brother Ram to complete his mission.

Ramiro rescues Marco from El Macho Bar when he was winning too much on gambling with Los Hermanos Virgillo. When Angel heard that Ramiro is a DEA Agent she visited Marco's junkyard when Ram wasn't there. He gives Ram a grenade launcher saying that it was a gift from Morales' propsman Elvez (Later it is revealed that Elvez is a rich car shop owner who has links to Papa Muerte and he lives in a mansion which, is later ambushed by Ramiro to ask question about higher involvement in Papa Muerte's drug ring and subsequently kill him). Marco is glad when his friend Ram comes to visit him after the mission "El Macho Meeting" (he had assumed Ramiro died in Carne Cezar Massacre). Marco tells Ram about his car shop and Ramiro storms it. Later Marco buys an old motorboat for Ram to go in Elvez's mansion unnoticed through the sea. Marco drops Ram in General Montanerz's HQ in  Las Piramides del Fuego. After Ram accomplishes his mission Marco lands the plane "Lucy" and takes him up. Tommy says that they owe Marco a green card. Then Marco disappears into his Junkyard having fulfilled his purpose and after being a great help to Tommy and the rest.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

help help

rescue me cruz

you're very good with your gun amigo

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