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Nicolai (Rebzna) Truskier

S26883 ps2 22

Nicolayizni (Nikolai)
The most used player

Nicolai (Rebzna) Truskier

The playable character for most of the game. A second generation Mexican-American from Venice Beach, Ramiro had been imprisoned for charges not revealed in the story, but hinted to be numerous and violent. His release is contingent on cooperation with the DEA, on the authorization and supervision of his twin brother, a career DEA agent. Ram does not believe in being careful, playing by the rules, or letting his enemies live very long. During the game, Ram is given the nickname "Gringo Loco" by the enemies he faces. Ram also calls himself "Gringo Loco" on occasion in the game as well.

Ram is also vegetarian. He doesn't eat meat.


He is the oldest of the two twin brother, being born 2 minutes before Tommy. Later in life Ramiro did numerous criminal activities around the US-border to Mexico. After a heist that had gone horribly wrong, he tried to jump the border but got caught and served a 5 year long prison sentence. Until he was needed by his twin brother.


After Tommy's accident, the DEA needed someone else to take Tommy's place and as Ram is Tommy's twin brother he was the only one they could use.


Eat chilly and die


Ai carymba

Die barrino

Oh! the badass drug dealer...I'm scared..

You should be glad i took this scrap off your hands

Dude.... did you really choose this colored car???

Hey!! I didn't knew IGUANAS could drive....

So much for Mexican hospitality

Having fun isn't good, LORIED-ASS!!!!

Aanh, just SHUT UP!!

And alot more


Ramiro and Angel are believed to be having a relationship through out the story.

Ramiro's weak link would be tequila and chili nuts combined, one of the main ingredients in to making him a dangerous killing machine is to feed him those. 

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