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Firearms are plentiful in the wast dessert around Mexico, here is the list of all the weapons that Ramiro will use during his stay in the towns.

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Handgun: Standard issue automatic pistol.

Heavy Handgun: A more powerful revolver type weapon with a six-round capacity.

Rifle: Basic rifle commonly used at gun clubs and as home protection.

Hunting Rifle: Widely used to eradicate pests - foxes, wolves, snitches, gringo agents ....

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Popular close quarters weapon that leaves little behind for a body bag.

Combat Shotgun: Higher accuracy than the sawed-off and greater ammo capacity.

Submachine Gun: Ideal for single-handed use. Awesome firepower in a pistol-sized weapon.

Military SMG: More accurate and powerful submachine gun, popular with law and order.

Assault Rifle: Chinese made standard issue 7.62mm assault rifle.

Modern Assault Rifle: U.S. made special issue 5.56mm assault rifle.

Heavy Weapons[]

The heavy weapons in Total Overdose can make any up to date massacre look like a small crime. With the heavy weapons you can be sure to leave the battlefield as the winner, but be warned. They have a low rate of fire and a small amount of ammo.


Grenade Launcher: Break-barrel loaded, shoulder fired antipersonnel grenade launcher.

Rocket Launcher: Two shot rocket launcher. Ideal for eliminating large vehicles or major hoods.

Thrown Explosives[]

Thrown explosives can cause widespread carnage in a big group of banditos. Be careful they don't blow up in your face.

Molotov Cocktail: This gasoline-filled bottle causes vicious burns.

Dynamite Stick: Packs a power punch. Don't hold on too long....

Grenade: Don't eat this pineapple. Thrown well, it'll leave hoods with a nasty taste.

Throw Power Meter — Lets you visually judge how much power to put into the throw. Practice at the Pistoleros Asociados with unlimited ordnance.

Melée Weapons[]

A variety of implements are available if you run out of ammo or want to get up close and personal. You can only carry one, so the last one you picked up is the one you'll use. All melée weapons inflict very high damage but can only be used at very close range.

Unarmed Combat[]

Sometimes, when weapons are thin on the ground or you're in very close quarters, close combat techniques are required. The close combat move that Ram uses depends on the angle Ram is at in relation to an enemy. He can execute different punches, jabs, elbow smashes, head butts and kicks, so practice from all angles.

Video showing some gameplay with guns during a mission.


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